The Wiscon Products Story

Our Mission:

To consistently provide the highest quality parts, in the most efficient and timely fashion at the best price by continuously working to improve our products, processes and systems.

Our Vision:

As a world-class supplier of the highest quality parts, we set the standards and maintain best practices as the employer of choice.

Our Values:

As a world-class supplier of the highest quality parts we demonstrate Teamwork, Leadership, Integrity and Loyalty.

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Grandfather Christensen, an inventor, saw a need for a contract machine shop as an extension of his own work. Since its start in 1945, Wiscon Products has grown in size and mastered breakthroughs. Our commitment to excellence never swerved. We now occupy over 30,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space with over sixty employees working three shifts, seven days a week. We stake our reputation on quality parts and high volume orders that other machine shops simply can't handle.

Wiscon Products is a family of dedicated employees getting to do exactly what they want to do. The challenge is constant streamlining of the process and investment into the business. The goal is the highest level of client satisfaction with expediency and quality. Our cutting-edge Virtual Machine technology allows for offline programming of complex parts, which keeps our work machines productive. The staff of our fully on-site Quality Assurance lab perform in-process and final checks, giving our clients the confidence that their order has been double-checked. We will meet or exceed your supplier needs!

Take a journey in time over Wiscon Products' 75+ years of excellence, and see our dedication in action. If you have any questions, or to receive a quote for work, drop by our Contact Us page.

Company Timeline 


  • Over $2.5M invested in production/quality/infrastructure 
  • 2 INDEX C200’s with 65mm spindle and bar loaders added making 12 C series machines total
  • 1 SMART 400MM HMC added making our 3rd HMC
  • 1 VICI Vision laser scanning machine installed
  • 3rd Zeiss CMM installed
  • 8 MICRONITE paperless inspection stations installed and networked with all CMM’s and gages, giving machinist visibility of the process in real time on the shop floor
  • Richard Bachman is promoted to Director of Quality and Information Technology.
  • Charles Caley is promoted to Quality manager
  • Dana Christensen is promoted to Chief Operating officer

2018 - 2020:    

  • Beginning of Industry 4.0 at Wiscon
  • Machine metrics installed on all production equipment with visual dashboard showing parts goals/utilization
  • We added our first collaborative robot into production on a machine tending operation 24/7


  • Rick Bachman joins company as Quality manager
  • Josh Plowman joins company as Engineering manager


  • Added 1 INDEX C200 and 1 Fellow 3-axis CNC Gear Shaper


  • Added 1 more INDEX C100


  • Added a MS40C and a C200


  • Added a INDEX V160 vertical lathe and a MS40C
  • Mid-2013 finished 4,000 sq. ft. office addition, started in Fall 2012


  • Added 2 more C100's, a C200, and a MS40
  • Started Third Shift
  • Added 2nd Fanuc Robotics part handling system


  • Torben Christensen becomes President/CEO of Wiscon
  • Celebrated 65 years of business
  • Purchased 2 additional CNC C100 Machines
  • Added Second Shift
  • Added full CNC Zeiss CMM to Quality Lab
  • Painted plant
  • Updated and doubled the size of our Quality Lab
  • Updated plant to "green" lighting

2004 - 2008:    

  • Invested $5,000,000 in new machinery, including 2 MS52's, C100, CMM


  • Acquired ISO-9001 certification

1983 - 1995:    

  • Invested $1,000,000 in new CNC machinery


  • 3rd Generation begins active role


  • 6,000 sq. ft. plant addition


  • Purchased 1st CNC machine


  • 2nd Generation begins active role

1956 - 1961:    

  • Moved into 10,000 sq. ft. building and added 15,000 sq. ft.
  • Wiscon Products Incorporated opened its doors

MICRONITE paperless inspection station

Wiscon Products Headquarters in Racine, WI

Wiscon Products President & CEO Torben Christensen

Wiscon Products Historical Machine Shop Photo

Wiscon Products Historical Machine Shop Photo

Wiscon Products Historical Machine Shop Photo