WISCON is UNIQUE and We Can Prove It!

70% Of Sales and Marketing Executives say that the inability to differentiate is the biggest threat to sustainable sales growth.  If you make a claim you bear the burden of proof!

The Procurement Intelligence Unit’s December 2011 risk management study revealed that supplier insolvency was the leading risk that respondents feared.

Top 5 Reasons for American machine shop insolvency

  1. Fallen Behind the Technology Curve
  2. Shortage of CNC Operators
  3. Captive to one customer or industry
  4. Poor Capacity Planning
  5. No Preventative Process Improvement


  • 15%-20% top line sales growth (dependent on customer / industry growth).
  • 10% reinvestment in capital equipment is considered a TOP Shop.
  • 20% or less of machine shops activity plan for process and capacity improvement.
  • 93.7% of machine shops train their employees LESS than 40 hours.


  • WISCON has grown 30% in top line revenue annually.
  • WISCON has invested 20% of top line revenue annually.
  • WISCON has a long term strategic activity plan for process and capacity improvement.
  • WISCON averages 120 hours of training for CNC operators.
  • WISCON Offers tuition reimbursement, Path2Promotion and Leadership Development Training.

Outsourcing can be risky, in some cases it is not a make or buy decision it’s a make or break decision. 

WISCON Products Inc. offers engineered risk reduction solutions to OEM procurement professionals requiring complex component parts turned from bar stock.  When you are in partnership with us, you will experience the security of knowing you will get exactly what you want, when you want it and we don’t make excuses only perfectly produced parts.

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