CNC Horizontal Machining

Wiscon uses horizontal machining to produce manifolds, valve housings, and distribution blocks. These parts are then used by automotive, heavy construction, and agriculture equipment manufacturers. The horizontal machining process allows for metal scraps to fall away as the parts are machined and passed through.

Kitamura HX400G Horizontal Machining Center

Loading Stock into a Kitamura HX400G

  • 16 Cubic Inches
  • 4-Axis
  • 12,000 RPM
  • Up to 30 HP Horizontals & Verticals
  • 100 Tools
  • High Pressure Three-Tool Coolant
  • 1,180 IPM
  • High-Speed Pallet Shuttles

Cleaning Recently Manufactured Distribution Blocks Unloading a Manifold Inspecting and Cleaning Manifolds