CNC Multitask Lathe

Bar Stock Inventory

Our INDEX C100 & C200 multitask lathes are great for high-speed, low-volume production. Wiscon produces multiple hydraulic components using these INDEX lathes. They are ideal for bar stock machining and are also referred to as production turning machines for complex parts. Both are capable of simultaneous machining using three turrets and two Y axes on main and counterspindles.


  • Main spindle and counter spindle with 42mm capacity
  • Three tool carriers with 2 y-axes
    • 14 position turrets with driven tools
  • Innovative guide system INDEX single spindle
  • FULL off-line virtual machine

In conclusion, the C100 provides significantly reduced cycle and set up times, increased production speeds, improved part quality, and extended tool life, all resulting in a lower price for our customers.


Machinist Programming INDEX C200 Multitask Lathe

  • 2 powerful moto spindles of identical design
  • Simultaneous machining using 3 turrets
  • High acceleration (1g) and high rapid traverses
  • Y axis possible on main and counter spindles
  • Quick turret indexing
  • Up to 42 tools (VDI 20) in the working areas
  • All stations driven
  • Short travels despite large-sized working area
  • Ready access to working area during setup
  • Very good vibration damping through INDEX

SingleSlide - innovative guide system

Lathe Hydraulic Components Machinist Unloading Hand Tool Parts from a Index C100 Multitask Lathes for Hand Tool Parts